Academy Course

  • The academy offers courses in all levels for investors and traders, strive to help all individual to meet their respective financial goals with a comprehensive curriculum.

Risk Neutralization Mechanism (RNM)

  • RNM program is designed to assist investors to achieve certain degree of risk control and containment, synthesizing and balancing investment risks with different portfolios in order to achieve the best return on investment.

Strategic Investment Alliance (SIA)

  • SIA team is the external investment arm of  the Academy to substantially generate revenue and grow the company’s portfolio.
  • SIA team will be provided with first-hand insider news and guided to implement the best trading strategies.

Financial Markets

  • Affiliation with market players and various companies allows Elitebiz to receive first hand insider information and tips to profit from the financial markets.
  • Offer exit strategies or options to businesses or institutions to participate in the financial markets.

Academy Courses

  • Building professional investment teams and individuals

Affiliate Partners

  • Protected Pooled Fund
  • Business Exit Strategy

Strategic Investment Alliance

  • Market maker strategy
  • Bid-ask spread profit

Financial Markets

  • Stimulate market demand
  • Increase company value and liquidity

We work as your wealth creation partner to help you learn the strategies

you need to achieve financial security.



  • Stock market hedge trading
  • Fund investment
  • Long-term capital appreciation and sustainable income investment


  • Pre-IPO and IPO shares investment.
  • Relative high profit and short term investment strategy


  • High risk trading strategy. i.e. money markets
  • High profit margin and instant income

Online Learning Modules

  • Online program allow clients to easily access to our e-learning modules and receive first hand market information.
  • The integrated platform also allows business social networking globally, sharing ideas and opportunities across the region.