Susan Tang

Co-Founder & CEO

“Before attending the class, I’ve this limiting belief that I will definitely lose money in stocks. But 4 months after the class, I’ve made 15% returns from my very first stock investment!”

Marcus Lee

Marketing Director

“I know almost nothing about day trading, and after taking the course I’m confident I could apply the techniques to start trading with a defined strategy.”

Vennesa CY Wong

Human Resources

“I see this as an opportunity to keep learning, to me trading is a life long journey – you have to consider yourself a student for your lifetime and you never stop learning. I recommend investing in the program to invest in your future.”



Su Xuan, Chen

Public Relations & Communications Manager

“The course truly revealed the secret of trading in the financial markets. After attending the course, my trading knowledge and skill have improved tremendously. The course helps me to able to make precise and accurate decision in trading.”